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You know that you are a sexual, soulful, sweaty and sassy female but do you feel safe flying those flags every day? You are all that, and Nous-Vision Yoga brings all of you to life through an integrated practice of postures, breath, rhythm, imagination and imagery. The unique rhythm of your breath fuels each posture and opens your body to images and feelings unleashed and imagined by you.  

Stretch, deepen, explore sound, notice feelings, images, colors or sounds as they move through you. Your body is the author and artist of the life you could be living. A life where all of you shows up and is respected, by you! 


The seven energy centers of your body, fully explored in Nous-Vision Yoga offers a roadmap to claim all of you: I ground, I create, I flame, I love, I speak, I imagine, I connect. From root to crown, you are ALL that.


Want to try Nous-Vision Yoga? Email me for more information about attending my Zoom class that meets each Monday and Saturday morning at 10 AM Pacific time. The first class is free and additional classes are $10 each payable through PayPal or Venmo.

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Nous Yoga: Image
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